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Remote Control

The average American child spends over 40 hours a week consuming media. It has become their full time job. And by the time a child born today turns thirty, they will have spent an entire decade of their lives consuming media. Ten years spent watching life instead of living one. Yet the popular debates always revolve around content: Are video games too violent? Are hip-hop lyrics too suggestive? Is SpongeBob Squarepants too gay?

This film examines the neglected question: Is it all too much?

Our search for answers begins in the homes of two families who most significant difference is their children’s consumption of media. These families provide us with an insightful and intimate look at how the presence of media is shaping everything in the lives of today’s children. It is a film sure to raise questions about who exactly is raising our children and provide some answers on what we should be doing about it.

Credits: Marci Clark, James Arbona