Where BlueBirds Fly

In 2012, we will be developing a new direct service program designed to connect American students at risk of dropping out of school with children in developing countries who have no access to school in the first place. By leveraging empathy to create empowerment, youth a half a world away give each other the resources and inspiration for overcoming their barriers to a better future.

The model is simple.

1. Youth at risk of dropping out of school in the U.S. will be engaged to create works of art around the theme of “hope.”
2. Their art will be curated and auctioned off through an
online gallery.
3. Proceeds from the sales will help pay for the education of children in developing countries.
4. The loop is closed when the American youth see pictures of their work hanging on someone’s wall and of the person they helped half a world away.

For the at-risk American youth, they will feel empowered by helping someone else even less fortunate than themselves and greater self-worth through their contributions and recognition.

For the children in developing countries, they will now have access to schools, supplies and educational opportunities previously beyond their reach.

For the “art collector,” they will have an inspiring piece of art with an even more inspirational story.